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25mm Glazing Channel

25mm Glazing CHannelThe Sapphire 25mm Glazing Suite is primarily used for framing glass. It is a suite that can be adapted to a variety of uses such as double glazing with larger walls etc.

Commercial Office Partitions

25mm x 25mm

Single glazed 6mm - 12.38mm as per AS1288-2006

HINGED - Timber or Glass Doors 32mm - 50mm in thickness
SLIDING - Timber or Sapphire Aluminium Doors 45mm in thickness

Various as this is a glass framing system it can be used in conjunction with standard set plasterboard walls or any of the other available Sapphire Partition Suites.

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Available Sections

Aluminium Partitions Sections

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Acoustic Performance

25mmGlazing Suite  Aluminium Partitions Acoustics

The 25mm glazing suite may be fixed to walls of any thickness or combined with other Sapphire Partition Suites.

The 25mm glazing suite will accommodate single glazing from 6mm - 12.38mm

25mm Glazing CHannel

Please note: The acoustic performance estimate of Sapphire Partition Systems is expressed in terms of Rw and Rw+Ctr. The performance of the as built system may be affected by - soundflaking and or the effectiveness of workmanship and other elements outside of Sapphire's control.

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Specification/Care & Maintenance

The Sapphire 25mm Glazing Suite of sections have been developed with over 25 years of experience in supply of suites to the partition industry and is designed and produced by Sapphire to take into account the following Australian Design Standards when used for Internal framing.

AS 1288-2006 - Glass in buildings - Selection and installation

AS 1231-2000 - Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Anodic oxidation coatings

AS 3715-2002 - Metal finishing - Thermoset powder coating for architectural applications of aluminium and aluminium alloys

The Sapphire 25mm Glazing Suite is extruded from primary billet only (No remelt) 6060T5 alloy ensuring that it is of the highest quality suitable for anodising finishes and maintaining colour uniformity from batch to batch.

Care And Maintenance

Sapphire 25mm Glazing Suite should only ever need to be washed down with warm water and a mild detergent by rubbing with a soft cloth

Ensure that the cloth is rinsed well with fresh water to remove any detergent residue.

For more information refer to our website

WARNING! Strong detergents and abrasive cleaners should never be used to clean the SappGlazing Suite as it may cause scratching or damage to the coated surface.

Profiles are subject to change or deletion without notice Please check on availability prior to specifying or ordering.

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