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About Sapphire


Where We Began

Sapphire Aluminium Industries is a 100% Australian family owned company that was established in 1973 by Robert (Bob) Husband. Bob had been in the aluminium industry for a number of years manufacturing shower screens and had increasingly become fed up with the quality of the anodising he had been getting on his product. One day he had finally told his supplier that if the supplier could not do better he would do it himself, needless to say his supplier laughed at him. Bob was not the sort of person to be put off in the pursuit of quality and opened the paper the next day and found an advertisement for an anodising plant for sale. The anodising plant was used to anodise the Raco range of Aluminium Cookware and was now being decommissioned, Bob turned up eager to have a look and negotiated the sale to buy the plant. He now owned an anodising plant but had no factory in which to install it and no idea how to put it together or operate it.

Undaunted Bob negotiated rent on a factory at 43 Sydenham Road, Brookvale NSW and commenced installation of the plant. Whilst installing the plant word had got around that a new anodiser was about to commence operations and number of people got in contact with Bob, some were customers, some were people that became employees and the anodising plant came into operation. Today such a decision would be considered foolhardy but not in these times and by sheer will and hardwork Bob had an anodising plant that was capable of giving him the quality bright finishes that he required for his shower screen product.

New Horizons

Sapphire was operating for many years as an independant anodising businerss coating other clients product in a range of colours, In 1985 Bob had grown tired of the constraints of the retail end of the market and wanted to tap into the commercial opportunities that the anodising business could offer, so he sold his company Apollo Shower Screens and commenced his next journey.

At this time his eldest son Clynton joined the business on completion of his schooling eager to learn the trade of anodising and commerce. Free from the constraints of managing multiple businesses, Bob now set his thoughts on how to better expand Sapphire for the future and negotiated the purchase of no 45 Sydenham Rd to help with these plans.

Sapphire Enters Aluminium Supply

In 1986 Sapphire Anodisers commenced supplying and stocking its own aluminium partition systems and as a result is today a leading supplier of Aluminium Partition Systems to the Australian and Asian Markets.

Sapphire has obtained this position by providing architects and constructors a wide variety of quality products combined with a large range of colours and finishes that are applied by Sapphire as part of the package enabling a complete service to be provided.

With business continuing to expand and distributors added in South Australia, Western Australia and Asia thought was given to how to better manage servicing our ever expanding market. in 1989 Sapphire bought 5 acres of land at Somersby on the Central Coast of NSW to enable the construction of a purpose built factory to contain a new larger anodising plant, powdercoating plant and warehouse.

Sapphire Moves to New Facility

In 1995 Sapphire moved in to its new state of the art manufacturing facility in Somersby being an acre undercover and featuring the latest in enviromental controls ensuring our environment is preserved for future generations. The new facility allowed Sapphire to enter into the external facades markets and provide coatings for other markets that we were previously unable to service from our old plant in Brookvale.

Sapphire added imaging to our finishing range in 1998 and was successful in winning the contract to finish the one of the key components on the Olympic Torch for the Sydney 2000 Games. Sapphire powdercoated the outer shell and printed a carbon fibre image over the outside of the shell to give it a unique look to resemble the look of the Sydney Opera House. Sapphire finished some 22,000 Torch shells in what has to be the best looking torch to date and innovative design and engineering.

Next Generation

  • Sapphire installed new colouring equipment for anodising in 2000 and released our Spectral range of finishes add Grey finishes for external applications for the first time to give us a complete range of colours to fulfil our customers requirements.
  • Bob retired from Sapphire in 2002 to pursue fresh challenges and the business was taken over by Clynton who still runs the family company today preserving the values that the business was built on.
  • Sapphire is constantly investing in training, research and development of its manufacturing processes to ensure that it leads the way in its field and will celebrate 40 years of service to the industry in 2013.
  • Sapphire is also able to provide high quality anodising to 6.5 metres and powdercoating services to 7.5 metres to customers own profiles such as shopfront, Facade Panels, showerscreen & standards.