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Recent Projects - Public Buildings

Sapphire Anodised Finishes, create stunning transformation

East Sydney Community & Arts Centre

Sapphire was contacted by Lahzimmo Architects to assist in proving durable finishes that could tie in with the traditional features of the structure and transform it to the modern structure it has become.

Beenleigh Town Square

Sapphire's Matt Sublime was the inspired choice for the revamped amenities buildings for the Beenleigh Town Square

Sapphire Anodising a highlight with trims

Wyong Arthouse

Sapphire was contacted by TZG to help provide the highlight finishes for a new cultural centre for Wyong Shire to be located in Wyong and accommodate a 500 seat theatre, 130 seat studio and associated spaces including a 100 seat restaurant.

Willeton Senior College

Sapphire provided the finishes for the highlight louvres on the building

The Education Centre walls lined with Matt Kalamata

The Shrine Of Remembrance, Melbourne

Sapphire has provided the anodised coating for the wall linings on The Education Centre for the Shrine of Remembrance

Stunning effect of Anodised Materials welcomes students

JCU - Education Central

Wilson Architects have collaborated with Architects North to expand their interpretation of modern teaching in the creation of the new JCU - Specialist Teaching & Student Services Precinct now known as Education Central - JCU.

Bold Statement with Sapphire Anodised Finishes

Yarra Valley Water - Cardinia

Sapphire was approached by Gray Puksand to help with a concept they had for creating feature sunscreens with a mix of aluminium sections in Sapphire Finishes for the refurbished Yarra Valley Water Headquarters Cardinia Building.

Ivanhoe Grammar School

Baldosso Cortese contacted Sapphire for the finishes to adorn the new Sun Control Fins to be mounted at Ivanhoe Grammar. 3 finishes were selected being different shades of green.

Syliva Walton Building  with its striking facade of 4 Sapphire Anodised Colours

Sylvia Walton Building

Sapphire was engaged by Lyons Architecture to come up with two new colours Sandune and Terracotta to bring to life the stunning colours that adorn the new building. The colours were selected to reflect the seasons of Melbourne and set in transition across the facade.

Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) - Mental Health Unit

Sapphire worked with the Joint Venture partners to provide a pallet to provide a bold statement and break new ground for hospital design with 8 stunning Sapphire Anodised Finishes.

Spectral Slate Creates Dramatic Statement

Epping Views Family & Community Centre

Sapphire was engaged to provide the Spectral Slate Anodising for the front facia and soffit of the centre.

Turning drab into WOW with Sapphire Anodising

Yarra Valley Water -Yellingbo

Sapphire was approached by Gray Puksand to help with a concept they had for creating feature sunscreens with a mix of aluminium sections in Sapphire Finishes for the refurbished Yarra Valley Water Headquarters Yellingbo Building.

Sapphire Coloured Anodised Finishes create a colourful architectural kaleidoscope


Sapphire was very pleased and excited to help bring the RMIT SAB building to life. Sapphire was at work early in the project after being contacted by Lyons Architecture to help develop the anodised colours used to adorn the facade of the RMIT SAB Building. This is the largest anodising project undertaken by Sapphire to date that involved new processes to manage a project of this size. Sapphire then worked closely with builders Brookfield Multiplex as the various stages progressed.


UQ Michie Building

Sapphire provided the finishes to help bring the UQ Michie building to interact with the 21st century. The University of Queensland’s Michie Building (Pronounced Miki), named after Foundation Professor John Lundie Michie, is undergoing the first refurbishment since it was built in 1972. Located at the Western End of the Great Court on the St Lucia Campus, the eight story building is home to the School of Social Science, the RD Milns Antiquities Museum and the Anthropology Museum.

Colour anodising becomes a focal point for new sports centre

Knox City State Basketball Centre

Sapphire was contacted by Mantric Architects seeking assistance in development of a striking colour for the backlit feature wall within the external facade for The Knox Indoor Sports Stadium.

Mildura Arts Centre

Williams Boag contacted Sapphire to come up with a striking colour for the front facade of the new Mildura Arts Centre and in particular wanted to focus on the the cut out and lighting of the MAC. Sapphire's Matt Chilli in 25 micron was chosen as the finish and colour to adorn the new Arts Centre and specially cut aluminium sheeting was individually anodised then mounted on the facade.

Jane Foss Russell Building

John Wardle Architects selected Sapphires Anodised finishes to reflect the changing colours of the leaves on the trees that surround the project within the University's grounds.

Raspberry Anodised Symonite


The Cube Wodonga is a state-of-the-art entertainment centre in Wodonga's central business district. It was completed in August 2012 and replaced the former Wodonga Civic Centre.

The Ian Potter Centre - NGV Australia, Federation Square

This building comprehensively presents the National Gallery of Victoria's collection of Australian Art. A total of 7,250 m2 of gallery space showcases Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, historic and modern Australian collections and contemporary art and galleries for special exhibitions.

Transport, Federation Square

As an iconic building, Transport has a dual role in design terms. It creates a distinctive southern entry marker to both Federation Square and Melbourne city, with functional roles for the Square by providing the south-western enclosure, support to the large outdoor LED screen and important wind protection for the terraces.