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How Complacency Costs us Billions

“The measurement of quality is the price of non-conformance,” wrote Phil Crosby, a world authority on quality control, in 1979.

Building Certifiers Under the Gun

Owners corporations and strata managers have the potential to benefit from two recent decisions in Victoria and New South Wales in which building certifiers are being held accountable for work they signed off on which has been found to be defective.

The Risks Architects Face from Non-Compliant Products

Throughout the property sector in Australia, few issues pose greater risk to the safety of building occupants than that of materials being used which fail to meet standards required under the National Construction Code.

Melbourne’s Tallest Building Found to Have Flammable Cladding

Melbourne’s tallest building, the Eureka Tower, has been found to contain the same type of non-compliant and highly flammable cladding that has caused dozens of deaths overseas.

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