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Melbourne hospital surveyor ‘far from satisfied’ with cladding

The independent surveyor who cleared Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital as safe for patients­ and workers despite the presence of highly flammable cladding has rejected Victorian government assurances that the material is harmless.

Alarm bells for strata owners as firefighters told to stay on sidelines

Dodgy building products causing excessive fire risks could see firefighters refuse to enter high rise apartment buildings to fight fires, the head of Strata Community Australia has warned.

ASIC Targets Phoenix Companies in Construction Sector

The regulator is turning its attention to illegal phoenix activities in the SME sector of the building and construction industries.

Faulty Construction Products Make Firefighting Difficult: MFP

Faulty products in high-rise buildings are making firefighting planning and efforts difficult and may cause the fire brigade to become ‘less aggressive’ when attacking fires on high-rise buildings, firefighters say.

Safety first as fireys boycott dangerous buildings

Firefighters will be held back from battling blazes fueled by dangerous materials such as imported flammable cladding, rather than being subjected to the risk of serious injury or death.

Coroner starts work on tower cladding inquiry

The Victorian Coroner has begun an investigation into the apartment-tower fire that sparked a national crisis in flammable cladding, bypassing an official inquiry by the state’s building regulator.

It's the fire that was waiting to happen

The unit blocks experts warn are potential towering infernos.

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