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Push for building product rules after Docklands tower fire

Victoria has led a push for tougher national rules on imported building products as concerns grow cheap materials may have turned thousands of high-rise buildings into fire traps.

Lacrosse tower fire risk cladding remains as residents move back

Up to 600 residents of the fire-ravaged­ Lacrosse tower in Melbourne’s Docklands have been allowed to return to the potential death trap, even though regulators are still struggling to make the building safe.

Can Architects Stop Their Work from Being ‘Martyred’?

Many visitors to the Philharmonie De Paris will no doubt admire the new Philharmonie 1, which opened in January and now comprises one of two adjacent buildings which make up one of the most significant cultural complexes in Paris.

Why You’ll Go Broke on Government Jobs

I have run several claims for contractors on large government jobs, and if you think you have any additional security or assurance that the head contractor will be better behaved because it is a government job, then think again.

Australia’s ongoing non-compliant cladding saga: high-rise building audits extended

In Victoria, authorities have extended a deadline to be provided evidence that the external cladding used in high-rise buildings complies with the national construction code, while Western Australia conducts its own enquiries.

Profit Drive Imperils Apartment Safety in Sydney

A new report from Australia’s peak engineering body has found that the safety of apartment buildings in Sydney is being severely undermined by the drive for profits amongst developers.

Undermining 200 Years of Confidence in Aussie Construction

Who will be the public voice of change? Hopefully, it will not come from professional organisations or unions looking out for their own best interest.

How Can We Stop Faulty Building Products?

Last August, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission raised alarm after testing proved that electrical cables were susceptible to premature degradation and could potentially degrade and cause electric shock or fire.

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