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Serious questions at the Senate inquiry into building materials. Answers still pending

The Sydney Public Hearing by the Senate Economics Reference Committee into Non-Conforming Building Products (NCBPs) confirmed much of what the construction industry already knows.

Cheating Chinese building suppliers provide fake safety documents for shoddy supplies

CHEATING Chinese building suppliers are forging safety certificates to get shonky products into apartment towers, a Senate inquiry has been warned.

Grenfell Tower fire: How can I be sure the cladding on my building is safe?

Combustible cladding used to insulate London's Grenfell Tower has been blamed for the rapid spread of a blaze which claimed about 79 lives.

Fire safety: We need a national code to keep out dodgy imports

Law reform is invariably the progeny of crisis. The great fire of London provided the foundation for modern day building control in Britain. The Grenfell inferno is now focusing the minds of governments and policymakers worldwide.

The Grenfell Effect: What We Can Learn from the London Tower Fire

When you have a tendering model purely based on cost, safety and compliance run a distant last !
The Grenfell fire, where dozens of citizens woke in the night and died in their homes, was a preventable disaster and manifests an endemic problem.

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