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The battle to keep potentially lethal building products out of Australia

Cheap, highly combustible, Chinese-made cladding that doesn't meet Australian standards was installed on a Melbourne high-rise that saw fire fly up its 15 stories last year, and now the Senate has announced an inquiry.

Reports of our demise have greatly been exaggerated

Sapphire is continually surprised at the lengths that some Builders and Sub-Contractors will go to in order to avoid supplying a specified product.

Senate moves on cladding fire fear

Safety and legality of foreign building products such as fire-prone cladding will be investigated by the Senate.

Firefighters could be ordered not to enter burning apartments, MFB warns

Future high-rise infernos may be so dangerous that firefighters could be ordered not to enter burning apartments to rescue residents, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade has warned.

Calls for Senate Inquiry into Non-conforming Building Products

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) has called for a Senate Inquiry into non-conforming building products, following the launch of a consumer awareness campaign by the ACCC into faulty electrical cables.

Perth high-rises to be checked for risk

The City of Perth will investigate up to 70 buildings in the CBD thought to be at increased risk of fire due to the use of external aluminium composite cladding, which does not comply with building standards.

Risks rife in flawed building oversight: Auditor-General

Victoria’s construction regulator is a toothless tiger overseeing a system of collusion between builders and surveyors and with no ­ability to ensure practitioners are competent, qualified and of good character, the State Auditor-General has found

Federal cladding action ‘lacking’

The Abbott government has been accused of failing to take action to put a stop to the widespread use of highly flammable cladding in Aus­tralia’s high-rise building industry.

Cladding fire risk ignored by officials

Australian officials failed to act after it was revealed 59 people in China died due to flammable alumin­ium cladding on high-rise buildings, placing further pressure on regulators to act quickly to avoid loss of lives.

Chinese Building On Fire June 2nd

This fire demonstrates what happens when Non fire rated panels are used to clad the exterior of the building.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade asks coroner to probe cladding blaze

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade has called on the Victorian coroner to investigate the role of the state’s peak building authority in an unprecedented request for an inquest into the Melbourne fire that sparked the flammable cladding crisis.

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