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Replacing flammable high-rise cladding a costly, logistical nightmare: experts

Removing and replacing combustible cladding in an average high-rise building would be a logistical nightmare, and could cost millions of dollars, according to industry experts.

170 inner-city towers to be audited for cladding fire risk

More than 170 inner-city buildings in Melbourne will be audited during an unprecedented investigation into a cladding scandal, amid fears lives could be lost during a high-rise apartment fire.

Sapphire only processes compliant cladding panels

Not all cladding is bad, there are still compliant options available to achieve the look and performance you want for your next Architectural Project !

This is the hidden killer in Australian buildings

ABC's 7.30 Report outlines the issues with non compliant cladding panel aired 27th May 2015

Docklands Fire Shines Light on Compliance and Regulation

When the Docklands Lacrosse Apartment Building Fire erupted in November 2014 the photos of the firestorm suggested there was something very strange and wrong.

Azerbaijan accounts for 263 buildings with flammable cladding materials

Cladding Risk is not only a problem for Australia, unfortunately Australian authorities do not act as quickly as Azerbaijan where 263 buildings have been identified as risk in 2 days following a fire that killed 15 people.

Alucobest cladding crisis highlights the risks of using non-compliant building materials/products

Important information and timely advice for Owners, Architects, Builders, Installers and Suppliers regarding the use of non-compliant materials in the building industry

Cladding scandal turns up heat on building industry

The Senate will investigate claims of widespread noncompliance and enforcement of building regulations amid growing concerns that apartment towers across Australia have become death traps due to inappropriate use of highly flammable cladding.

The Cost of Poor Documentation

As the basis upon which applications for building permits are assessed and construction of buildings proceeds, the importance of design documentation cannot be understated.

Bodgy Building Products Can Kill

It is illegal for any supplier to provide a product in trade or commerce which is non-compliant – so why is this happening?

Authorities in the dark on use of fire-risk cladding for skyscrapers

Building authorities have admitted they are powerless to determine how many skyscrapers are riddled with cheap, highly flammable aluminium cladding that has already killed apartment dwellers overseas.

Fire-risk cladding a legal minefield, apartment owners warned

The viability of Australia’s booming $500 billion strata industry is under threat as tens of thousands of high-rise apartment owners brace for the possibility of having to pay to rip out and replace flammable cladding.

Fears grow as apartment cladding debacle ignites

Cheaply imported aluminium cladding from Melbourne’s fire-damaged Lacrosse tower was so flammable CSIRO scientists had to abandon combustibility tests after only 93 seconds to avoid damaging their equipment.

'Towering inferno' fears for Gulf's high-rise blocks

2 May 2013 Middle East | Fears of a "towering inferno" disaster in the Gulf are growing after fires left residential buildings heavily damaged in the United Arab Emirates cities of Sharjah and Dubai.

Builders warn cheap building material imports can kill

Unsafe building materials made cheaply overseas and shipped for use in Australia — despite their failing to comply with standards — are being cited in legal advice as a major risk for builders and homeowners.

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