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Lowest Common Denominator Approach Hurting Construction

here are plenty of forlorn stories about the problems facing construction in Australia these days, but it shouldn’t be that way. We are supposed to be a bastion of construction quality and productivity…aren’t we?

Architects and Safe Design for High Rise Residential Building

Downtown urban areas in Australia are now host to more and more high rise apartment living.

Shoddy Imports Imperil Australia’s Buildings

A leading member of Australia’s strata industry says cheap, low-quality imports threaten to undermine the quality of the country’s built environment, and has called for regulators to cast a stricter eye upon construction practices.

What Lies Ahead in Construction: Leadership or More Licentiousness?

It is clear that we have a major crisis in the Victorian building industry. Hundreds of thousands of Victorians are living in limbo, casualties of a blatantly non-compliant and completely out-of-control building industry.

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