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Barrick Gold

Project: Barrick Gold
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Architect: Geyer
Finishes: Powdercoat Satin black
Product: Sapphire Wideline and Aluminium Doors
Completed: 2012

The Geyer project team were appointed early in the relocation to provide highly valued feasibility studies to identify the best building to house the Barrick tenancy.  Premium Grade facilities were selected and linked naturally to Barrick’s expectations, not for its perception and standing, but purely for performance. The concept of premium performance with natural, not over complicated environments was drawn on for the design of the new workplace.


Being highly efficient, Barrick demanded agile, supportive solutions to their work platform, technology and collaborative space. The design team crafted a concept based on highly resolved workplace solutions and details that were simple, intelligent and enduring. This theory was applied to all aspects of the project from workstation development and customisation to flexible work space and technology.