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Wesfarmers - Frontline and Shooshline

Project: Wesfarmers - Frontline and Shooshline
Location: Perth, WA, Australia
Architect: Hassell
Finishes: Matt Selvatica
Product: Sapphire Frontline, Shooshline Doors
Completed: November 2016

The fitout comprises two and half levels and uses Sapphire's Frontline glazing system for single and double glazed office fronts in our 36mm thickness option. This was combined with our Shooshline Door Ssytem that can accomodate 12.5mm VLAM hush and built in seals, making it the ideal choice for noise sensitive areas such as meeting rooms.

The finished product finished in Sapphire's Matt Selvatica anodised finish creates a classic sophidticated feel that is in keeping with the client.