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Audi Lighthouse Terminal

Project: Audi Lighthouse Terminal
Location: Sydney, Australia
Architect: Johnson Pilton Walker
Finishes: Satin Light Silver - AA25
Product: 4mm Custom Perforated Aluminium
Completed: 2010

NSW Architecture Awards
- Commendation for Interior Architecture
- Architecture Award for Commercial Architecture

Sapphire developed a new finish in response to Audi's requirement for a metallic bright finish for the external of the new Lighthouse Terminal. Sapphire developed a finish that was bright yet matt that did not interfer with the traffic on the busy adjacent motorway when the sun is reflecting from it yet still has a lustre with all the benefits of the long lasting coating that is anodising.

The Audi Lighthouse Project is a major new complex incorporating a diverse range of functions including Car Service, Vehicle Galleries and the Commercial Headquarters for Audi Australia.Developed in collaboration with Allmann Sattler Wappner Architects in Germany, it exemplifies the premium values of the Audi brand and prestige customer experience.

Responding to the compact urban site, the scheme transforms the traditional car showroom typology into an interconnected and vital public building. Logically stacked in a multi-storey arrangement, the operations are seamlessly connected via a ‘coiled’ internal vehicle ramp serving all levels. Design innovations include a double-perforated façade that enables natural ventilation to over half of the building. The spatial interconnectivity and complexity has produced a diverse and active customer experience, providing a high-level of amenity to occupants and an interesting procession of dynamic spaces to delight the visitor.

Johnson Pilton Walker