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Maxline 92mm - 132mm x 44mm Centre, Front & Double Glaze

Sapphire Maxline 92mm is the largest frame of our suites and is generally used for long lease projects such as schools, hospitals and embassies where longterm performance and acoustics are required


The Sapphire 92mm Maxline Suite is primarily used for framing plasterboard walls and glass where high performance is required . The system will accommodate steel mesh or fibre cement board behind the plasterboard where security and strength is a requirement.This system is much heavier in wall thickness and designed for a longer service life.


Commercial Office Partitions, Schools, Hospitals, Universites and Government Fitouts eg Embassies


STANDARD detail - 132mm x 45mm


  • Centre glazed   6mm - 12.38mm as per AS1288-2006
  • Front glazed      6mm - 14.50mm as per AS1288-2006
  • Double glazed  6mm - 14.50mm as per AS1288-2006

HINGED - Timber or Glass Doors 32mm - 45mm in thickness
SLIDING - Timber or Sapphire Shooshline Alum Doors 45mm in thickness

35mm, 40mm & 45mm Options to edge of frame
12mm High accepts acoustic seals and smoke seals


  • 92mm Steel Studs and two sheets of 13mm plasterboard,
  • 76mm Steel Studs and three sheets of 13mm plasterboard
  • 64mm Steel Studs and four sheets of 13mm plasterboard.
  • 64mm Steel Studs and two sheets of 13mm, two sheets of 10mm plasterboard with 2 sheets odf 3mm Stanless or Steel Sheet.
  • 51mm Steel Studs and four sheets of 13mm plasterboard and two sheets of 6mm fibre cement board.

Shadowline details optional Drywall construction optional (Semi- Demountable)

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Acoustic Performance

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Specification/Care & Maintenance

The Sapphire 92mm Maxline Suite of sections have been developed with over 25 years of experience in supply of suites to the partition industry and is designed to meet the relevant glazing codes and construction codes for internal framing, however fabricators of aluminium frames should seek certification by a consultant  engineer as to the framing being acceptable for the local design impact safety and deflection characteristics required of the site.  Detailed calculations should be provided with final drawings of the aluminium frames.
The Sapphire 92mm Maxline Suite is extruded from primary billet only (No remelt) 6060T5 alloy ensuring that it is of the highest quality suitable for anodising finishes and maintaining colour uniformity from batch to batch.
Partition suite to be 92mm Maxline by Sapphire Aluminium Pty Ltd(not “equal or equivalent”-see note below*)provided with the specified finish detailed in the finishes schedule and installed in accordance with the project design detail and relevant building codes.”
Standard Frame
The maximum panel height shall be 3500mm.
Glazing wedges shall be Sapphire’s colour coded wedges for 92mm Maxline® Partition Suite
to suit standard glazing options.
Hinges shall be as per Sapphire Technical Manual.
All other hardware as per Sapphire Technical Manual.
All anodised material shall be produced by Sapphire to AS1231
All powder coated material shall be produced by Sapphire to AS3715
Care And Maintenance
Sapphire 92mm Maxline Partition Suite should only ever need to be washed down with warm water and a mild detergent by rubbing with a soft cloth
Ensure that the cloth is rinsed well with fresh water to remove any detergent residue.
For more information refer to our website
Strong detergents and abrasive cleaners should never be used to clean the Sapphire 92mm Maxline Partition Suite as it may cause scratching  or damage to the coated surface.
All products are available from Sapphire Aluminium Pty Ltd (A.B.N. 84 123 804 571 ) as detailed in the “SAPPHIRE” Catalogue or on the Internet at
*excluding the words “ equal or equivalent” will avoid substitution of products that in many cases are anything but “equal or equivalent”.  To further ensure you are provided with quality locally produced Sapphire partition systems you may wish to specify a quality Sapphire coloured anodised finish from our extensive range. These finishes can seldom be achieved on inferior imported extrusions thus preventing substitution of inferior products.
* customised profiles are subject to minimum order quantites
Profiles are subject to change or deletion  without notice. Please check on availability  prior to specifiying or ordering.