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Production lead times for Anodising / Powdercoat are currently 3 - 7 working days

New Copper tone Exterior Finishes added to our range - Blood Moon

To commemorate the recent Blood Moon and your requests for exterior Copper Tone finish, Sapphire has released Blood Moon

Choose Your Colour, Create Your Mood

Sapphire has been providing Architects and Designers a huge choice of colours and finishes in Anodising for over four decades.

What’s Going On With Non-Compliant Cladding?

Formed earlier this year to investigate flammable cladding on Victoria’s buildings, the Victorian Cladding Taskforce has released an interim report identifying up to 1,400 buildings likely clad in aluminium composite panels with polyethylene core.

Sapphire Christmas Close Down Dates

Sapphire will close for the Christmas Break from 4pm Friday 22nd December 2017

Dangerous flammable cladding found on 1,400 Victorian buildings

Dangerous, combustible cladding could be a risk on 1,400 Victorian buildings, with the potentially deadly materials identified on eight hospitals, a special taskforce has found.

NSW introduces huge fines for dodgy cladding

Companies that use dodgy or banned building products in NSW such as non-compliant cladding may be issued fines of more than one million dollars under new laws introduced by the Berejiklian government.

Queensland takes a stand on buildings including a ban on flammable cladding

Queensland has become the first state to officially ban the use of flammable polyethylene core aluminium composite panels, part of a raft of changes in the newly passed Queensland Building Plan legislation.


Please be advised our telephone system is now working again after issues arising from Telstrra

Governments have burnt up trust on cladding

When the media sniffs a scandal, the government calls an inquiry. Experts give evidence, the media gets bored and a report eventually is tabled and left to gather dust. Problem solved and business goes on as normal.

State Regulators: Reckless and Dangerous

“Reckless and dangerous” describes how our biggest state governments are dealing with the current issues facing the building industry and what their questionable policies are now delivering or – more accurately – not delivering.

Senate Inquiry Uncovers Scandalous Construction Con

You can either decide to continue to be part of the problem or choose to be part of the solution, ignorance is no longer a defence.

Australian authorities ‘have known about dangers of flammable cladding for two decades’

Every square metre of flammable cladding covering tens of thousands of Australian apartment buildings contains the equivalent of five litres of petrol, an investigation by ABC TV program Four Corners revealed on Monday night.

Flammable cladding in Grenfell Tower disaster found on buildings far and wide

For decades, architects and developers have put cheap, highly flammable wall panels on the exteriors of multi-storey buildings.

Grenfell Tower Cladding Gets Lowest Fire Safety Rating

The polyethylene filling in cladding panels used at Greenfell Tower and at least 82 other tower blocks has been given the lowest fire rating during testing.

Serious questions at the Senate inquiry into building materials. Answers still pending

The Sydney Public Hearing by the Senate Economics Reference Committee into Non-Conforming Building Products (NCBPs) confirmed much of what the construction industry already knows.

Cheating Chinese building suppliers provide fake safety documents for shoddy supplies

CHEATING Chinese building suppliers are forging safety certificates to get shonky products into apartment towers, a Senate inquiry has been warned.

Grenfell Tower fire: How can I be sure the cladding on my building is safe?

Combustible cladding used to insulate London's Grenfell Tower has been blamed for the rapid spread of a blaze which claimed about 79 lives.

Fire safety: We need a national code to keep out dodgy imports

Law reform is invariably the progeny of crisis. The great fire of London provided the foundation for modern day building control in Britain. The Grenfell inferno is now focusing the minds of governments and policymakers worldwide.

The Grenfell Effect: What We Can Learn from the London Tower Fire

When you have a tendering model purely based on cost, safety and compliance run a distant last !
The Grenfell fire, where dozens of citizens woke in the night and died in their homes, was a preventable disaster and manifests an endemic problem.

UK Government 'faces £600m cladding safety bill after Grenfell Tower disaster'

The question remains as to what the authorities intend to do in Australia, given the high level of failure of cladding already found in the UK.

Australia's use of cladding to be investigated by Senate committee following Grenfell fire

A Senate committee will investigate the use of cladding material on Australian buildings in the wake of the deadly Grenfell tower fire.

Insurers back national cladding probe after UK disaster

Australian insurers are backing a national survey of buildings using flammable cladding in the wake of the devastating blaze that killed at least 58 people in London’s Grenfell Tower.

Sapphire Products/Finishes Standout in 2017 Property Council of Australia Awards

Sapphire is proud to be associated with the following projects that have won awards in this years Property Council of Australia Awards and wish to pass on our thanks to the Architects and Contractors that use our quality made in Australia products.

Quality Control and Conformance: Making Contractors Accountable

It is time for the Architect to be reinstated as "Superintendent of Works" if you truly want a quality outcome that is not subject to so called "Value management" code word for whatever is the cheapest.

Will Australian Manufacturing Survive Loose Procurement?

Unfortunately you only have to look at our major hospital and school projects as an example of substitution. Global demand is waning for products that are environmentally irresponsible.

How to Provide a Specification on All Your D&C Projects

Like it or not, design and construct (D&C) building procurement seems to be popular, especially for government or large commercial projects.

The Sub-Contractor Scam: ‘Certified Fraud’

If you walk around any construction site across the country, it’s immediately apparent that sub-contractors are the backbone of Australia’s building and construction industry.

Alarm Bells Down Under - Defective Imported Building Products

The increasing prevalence of leaky, toxic and downright dangerous buildings has put defective building products in the spotlight in Australia and New Zealand recently.

Does Australia Fail in the Delivery of Major Hospital Projects?

When the media is being blocked from a Supreme Court visit to one of the nation’s biggest hospital construction sites in what is dubbed a ‘defect tour’, that is a sign that not all is going as it should.

Sapphire Completes Anodising on Perth Stadium Facade

Sapphire has now completed supply of anodising to the Facade elements ringing the stadium in Matt Chilli - M6675

WA’s New Hospital Rife with Thousands of Building Defects

More than a year since Perth’s $1.2 billion children’s hospital was supposed to open, that date is now unknown partly because builder John Holland hasn’t found the source of lead that has contaminated the facility’s water supply.

Senate Action on Dodgy Building Products Back On

An inquiry into building products which do not conform to local standards is back on with a new and expanded terms of reference as a string of asbestos cases has forced the issue back onto the public agenda.

How Should Evidence of Suitability Rules be Changed?

With the adoption of private certification and the evolution of increasingly complex and multinational building product supply chains, the way in which building materials in Australia are selected, used and approved has changed over recent decades.

What’s the Biggest Risk in Construction Today?

No matter who you talk to in the construction value chain, there will be a different view of construction risk and who should bear it.

Exterior Colour: More than Simply Decoration

Colour and architecture should go hand in hand. So why do so many architects dismiss the importance of colour as mere decoration?. Sapphire features on some of the most colourful buildings in Australia

Interiors award for Minter Ellison Sydney office

Sapphire congratulates Domino Risch and the team at BVN for their recent award and nomination for an international award featuring the Sapphire Microline Partition System.

Lax BCA Rules Allowing Building Product Fraud

Lax requirements relating to evidence regarding the suitability of materials used in building and construction projects throughout Australia are enabling products to be substituted and materials to be used which are not fit for purpose.

More Building Practitioners Disciplined for Melbourne Apartment Blaze

The official investigation into the Lacrosse Apartment blaze in Melbourne has led to the referral of two more building practitioners for disciplinary action over failure to perform their work in a competent and professional manner.

Ensuring Your Building Products Conform

The issue of building products which do not comply with standards as set out in the National Construction Code has generated considerable levels of attention ever since fire ripped up the side of the building and rose 15 floors within minutes.

Macquarie Group’s 50 Martin Place wins top property industry award

Macquarie Group has won the property industry’s top award for turning its heritage 50 Martin Place building into a world-leading contemporary workplace. Featuring internal stairs clad in perforated aluminium anodised by Sapphire in Matt Citrus.

Better Enforcement Needed for Non-Complying Products

Better use of existing regulation and the development of a register for complying products are critical strategies in the battle against building materials which do not meet required standards in Australia.

Do Open Plan Offices Really Deliver Productivity?

The trend toward open plan offices continues to gather momentum as companies such as Google, eBay, Goldman Sachs and American Express tear down partitions and open up work space within their offices.

How Complacency Costs us Billions

“The measurement of quality is the price of non-conformance,” wrote Phil Crosby, a world authority on quality control, in 1979.

Building Certifiers Under the Gun

Owners corporations and strata managers have the potential to benefit from two recent decisions in Victoria and New South Wales in which building certifiers are being held accountable for work they signed off on which has been found to be defective.

The Risks Architects Face from Non-Compliant Products

Throughout the property sector in Australia, few issues pose greater risk to the safety of building occupants than that of materials being used which fail to meet standards required under the National Construction Code.

Melbourne’s Tallest Building Found to Have Flammable Cladding

Melbourne’s tallest building, the Eureka Tower, has been found to contain the same type of non-compliant and highly flammable cladding that has caused dozens of deaths overseas.

Are Architects Being Valued Enough?

In any profession, those involved must work diligently to ensure their profession maintains adequate levels of respect and value in the eyes of both the clientele and the public at large.

Lacrosse tower builder refuses to replace illegal flammable cladding, challenges owners to court battle

The builder of the Lacrosse tower in Docklands is refusing to remove combustible cladding from the building's facade without an expensive fight in the courts.

Non-conformance: An Industrial Disease

Product non-conformance is a first-world industrial disease.

Deadly cladding on 2500 Sydney buildings

Up to 2500 high-rise buildings in Sydney could contain the same type of non-compliant and ¬deadly cladding that has caused dozens of deaths overseas, a ¬secret briefing note from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment has revealed.

Most fire-resistant panels still being ignored for UAE towers despite spate of blazes

A 5,000 square-metre facade clad with composite panels is equivalent to 19,000 litres of fuel !

Flammable cladding found on 50 per cent of new Melboune high-rises

Is it a lack of understanding of compliance by the industry or is this a further example of value management at the expense of safety and compliance ?

Elizabeth Quay - Kiosk 4 nearing Completion

Sapphire Anodised Colour finishes create stunning effects on Symonite Composite Panels the new Elizabeth Quay - Kiosk 4 designed by Matthews & Scavalli Architects in Perth

Brisbane Student Tower Denied Occupancy Over Compliance

A student accommodation building in Brisbane has been denied occupancy permits by local government due to concerns over the installation of potentially combustible non-compliant cladding on its exterior. Could this be a result of Value Management ?

Dubai: Another Thermoplastic Cladding Fire Close Call

A couple of years ago, the setting was in the Southern Hemisphere at the Melbourne suburb the Docklands.

Australia Day Public Holiday

With the Australia Public Holiday occurring on Tuesday, Sapphire will be closed on Monday 25th January 2016

Revealed: how Address Dubai hotel fire test was ‘meaningless’

Over the New Year period another major fire has occurred that is similar in nature to the Docklands fire, this article explains and questions the testing processes used for supposed compliance of the Aluminium Composite Panels used on the project.

How is a Washing Machine Like a Building?

The person who decides to construct a building may be the same person who owns it, operates it, and pays the ongoing bills associated with the building.

2015 National Architecture Awards: Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture

Sapphire is pleased and proud to be associated with ARM's receipt of the Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture 2015 where Sapphire supplied the anodised coatings for the courtyard through Locker and the Collmill Group.

Sapphire Christmas Closure 2015

Our Factory and Office will be closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas Period

Stop Fire Spreading Up, Up and Away

Three and a half centuries ago, during the wee hours of a dry hot day in September 1666, a small fire started at a bakery on Pudding Lane in London.

Lowest Common Denominator Approach Hurting Construction

here are plenty of forlorn stories about the problems facing construction in Australia these days, but it shouldn’t be that way. We are supposed to be a bastion of construction quality and productivity…aren’t we?

Architects and Safe Design for High Rise Residential Building

Downtown urban areas in Australia are now host to more and more high rise apartment living.

Shoddy Imports Imperil Australia’s Buildings

A leading member of Australia’s strata industry says cheap, low-quality imports threaten to undermine the quality of the country’s built environment, and has called for regulators to cast a stricter eye upon construction practices.

What Lies Ahead in Construction: Leadership or More Licentiousness?

It is clear that we have a major crisis in the Victorian building industry. Hundreds of thousands of Victorians are living in limbo, casualties of a blatantly non-compliant and completely out-of-control building industry.

Melbourne hospital surveyor ‘far from satisfied’ with cladding

The independent surveyor who cleared Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital as safe for patients­ and workers despite the presence of highly flammable cladding has rejected Victorian government assurances that the material is harmless.

Alarm bells for strata owners as firefighters told to stay on sidelines

Dodgy building products causing excessive fire risks could see firefighters refuse to enter high rise apartment buildings to fight fires, the head of Strata Community Australia has warned.

ASIC Targets Phoenix Companies in Construction Sector

The regulator is turning its attention to illegal phoenix activities in the SME sector of the building and construction industries.

Faulty Construction Products Make Firefighting Difficult: MFP

Faulty products in high-rise buildings are making firefighting planning and efforts difficult and may cause the fire brigade to become ‘less aggressive’ when attacking fires on high-rise buildings, firefighters say.

Safety first as fireys boycott dangerous buildings

Firefighters will be held back from battling blazes fueled by dangerous materials such as imported flammable cladding, rather than being subjected to the risk of serious injury or death.

Coroner starts work on tower cladding inquiry

The Victorian Coroner has begun an investigation into the apartment-tower fire that sparked a national crisis in flammable cladding, bypassing an official inquiry by the state’s building regulator.

It's the fire that was waiting to happen

The unit blocks experts warn are potential towering infernos.

Push for building product rules after Docklands tower fire

Victoria has led a push for tougher national rules on imported building products as concerns grow cheap materials may have turned thousands of high-rise buildings into fire traps.

Lacrosse tower fire risk cladding remains as residents move back

Up to 600 residents of the fire-ravaged­ Lacrosse tower in Melbourne’s Docklands have been allowed to return to the potential death trap, even though regulators are still struggling to make the building safe.

Can Architects Stop Their Work from Being ‘Martyred’?

Many visitors to the Philharmonie De Paris will no doubt admire the new Philharmonie 1, which opened in January and now comprises one of two adjacent buildings which make up one of the most significant cultural complexes in Paris.

Why You’ll Go Broke on Government Jobs

I have run several claims for contractors on large government jobs, and if you think you have any additional security or assurance that the head contractor will be better behaved because it is a government job, then think again.

Australia’s ongoing non-compliant cladding saga: high-rise building audits extended

In Victoria, authorities have extended a deadline to be provided evidence that the external cladding used in high-rise buildings complies with the national construction code, while Western Australia conducts its own enquiries.

Profit Drive Imperils Apartment Safety in Sydney

A new report from Australia’s peak engineering body has found that the safety of apartment buildings in Sydney is being severely undermined by the drive for profits amongst developers.

Undermining 200 Years of Confidence in Aussie Construction

Who will be the public voice of change? Hopefully, it will not come from professional organisations or unions looking out for their own best interest.

How Can We Stop Faulty Building Products?

Last August, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission raised alarm after testing proved that electrical cables were susceptible to premature degradation and could potentially degrade and cause electric shock or fire.

The battle to keep potentially lethal building products out of Australia

Cheap, highly combustible, Chinese-made cladding that doesn't meet Australian standards was installed on a Melbourne high-rise that saw fire fly up its 15 stories last year, and now the Senate has announced an inquiry.

Reports of our demise have greatly been exaggerated

Sapphire is continually surprised at the lengths that some Builders and Sub-Contractors will go to in order to avoid supplying a specified product.

Senate moves on cladding fire fear

Safety and legality of foreign building products such as fire-prone cladding will be investigated by the Senate.

Firefighters could be ordered not to enter burning apartments, MFB warns

Future high-rise infernos may be so dangerous that firefighters could be ordered not to enter burning apartments to rescue residents, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade has warned.

Calls for Senate Inquiry into Non-conforming Building Products

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) has called for a Senate Inquiry into non-conforming building products, following the launch of a consumer awareness campaign by the ACCC into faulty electrical cables.

Perth high-rises to be checked for risk

The City of Perth will investigate up to 70 buildings in the CBD thought to be at increased risk of fire due to the use of external aluminium composite cladding, which does not comply with building standards.

Risks rife in flawed building oversight: Auditor-General

Victoria’s construction regulator is a toothless tiger overseeing a system of collusion between builders and surveyors and with no ­ability to ensure practitioners are competent, qualified and of good character, the State Auditor-General has found

Federal cladding action ‘lacking’

The Abbott government has been accused of failing to take action to put a stop to the widespread use of highly flammable cladding in Aus­tralia’s high-rise building industry.

Cladding fire risk ignored by officials

Australian officials failed to act after it was revealed 59 people in China died due to flammable alumin­ium cladding on high-rise buildings, placing further pressure on regulators to act quickly to avoid loss of lives.

Chinese Building On Fire June 2nd

This fire demonstrates what happens when Non fire rated panels are used to clad the exterior of the building.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade asks coroner to probe cladding blaze

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade has called on the Victorian coroner to investigate the role of the state’s peak building authority in an unprecedented request for an inquest into the Melbourne fire that sparked the flammable cladding crisis.

Replacing flammable high-rise cladding a costly, logistical nightmare: experts

Removing and replacing combustible cladding in an average high-rise building would be a logistical nightmare, and could cost millions of dollars, according to industry experts.

170 inner-city towers to be audited for cladding fire risk

More than 170 inner-city buildings in Melbourne will be audited during an unprecedented investigation into a cladding scandal, amid fears lives could be lost during a high-rise apartment fire.

Sapphire only processes compliant cladding panels

Not all cladding is bad, there are still compliant options available to achieve the look and performance you want for your next Architectural Project !

This is the hidden killer in Australian buildings

ABC's 7.30 Report outlines the issues with non compliant cladding panel aired 27th May 2015

Docklands Fire Shines Light on Compliance and Regulation

When the Docklands Lacrosse Apartment Building Fire erupted in November 2014 the photos of the firestorm suggested there was something very strange and wrong.

Azerbaijan accounts for 263 buildings with flammable cladding materials

Cladding Risk is not only a problem for Australia, unfortunately Australian authorities do not act as quickly as Azerbaijan where 263 buildings have been identified as risk in 2 days following a fire that killed 15 people.

Alucobest cladding crisis highlights the risks of using non-compliant building materials/products

Important information and timely advice for Owners, Architects, Builders, Installers and Suppliers regarding the use of non-compliant materials in the building industry

Cladding scandal turns up heat on building industry

The Senate will investigate claims of widespread noncompliance and enforcement of building regulations amid growing concerns that apartment towers across Australia have become death traps due to inappropriate use of highly flammable cladding.

The Cost of Poor Documentation

As the basis upon which applications for building permits are assessed and construction of buildings proceeds, the importance of design documentation cannot be understated.

Bodgy Building Products Can Kill

It is illegal for any supplier to provide a product in trade or commerce which is non-compliant – so why is this happening?

Authorities in the dark on use of fire-risk cladding for skyscrapers

Building authorities have admitted they are powerless to determine how many skyscrapers are riddled with cheap, highly flammable aluminium cladding that has already killed apartment dwellers overseas.

Fire-risk cladding a legal minefield, apartment owners warned

The viability of Australia’s booming $500 billion strata industry is under threat as tens of thousands of high-rise apartment owners brace for the possibility of having to pay to rip out and replace flammable cladding.

Fears grow as apartment cladding debacle ignites

Cheaply imported aluminium cladding from Melbourne’s fire-damaged Lacrosse tower was so flammable CSIRO scientists had to abandon combustibility tests after only 93 seconds to avoid damaging their equipment.

'Towering inferno' fears for Gulf's high-rise blocks

2 May 2013 Middle East | Fears of a "towering inferno" disaster in the Gulf are growing after fires left residential buildings heavily damaged in the United Arab Emirates cities of Sharjah and Dubai.

Builders warn cheap building material imports can kill

Unsafe building materials made cheaply overseas and shipped for use in Australia — despite their failing to comply with standards — are being cited in legal advice as a major risk for builders and homeowners.

Docklands apartment fire: hundreds of high-rise towers to be investigated for fire danger

Hundreds of high-rise buildings will need to be investigated for fire-prone exteriors, after a report into a tower inferno in Docklands exposed the use of flammable and "non-compliant" construction material.

Sapphire affected by Storms

Sapphire's communications have now been restored we now have our phones, mobile service and email restored to normal.

Claim: ’Third World’ materials used to build high-rise towers in Melbourne’s CBD

HIGH-rise towers built across the CBD are being fitted with “Third World” materials that are a fire risk, a leading engineering expert has warned. (Sapphire is able to supply Australian made fire compliant Composite Panels)

Why Australian factories are on their knees

The dumping of cheap Chinese goods is fast killing off Australia's manufacturing sector. Just ask the workers whose livelihoods are at risk.

Disabled access, compliance with BCA/NCC, AS1428, the Premises Standards and the Discrimination Act

Sapphire Designs all of its Aluminium Systems with an ability to comply with BCA and disability Act.

Sapphire Christmas Closed Dates

Our Factory and Office will be closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas Period

Further Increases in Aluminium Price for Feb 2015

Sapphire will Increase prices for aluminium from 1st February 2015.

Thin walls at new government office force Premier Mike Baird and NSW ministers to whisper

Don't let this happen to your office development use Sapphire Systems that can glaze quiet glass to avoid whispering. Sapphire attempted to warn those concerned with this development but we were dismissed and the results speak for themselves.

Construction Sector Beefs Up Action Against Dodgy Products

As the nation undergoes a massive recall of dodgy electrical cables, the building industry in Australia is increasing efforts to eliminate non-compliant products (NCPs) from construction sites and projects around the country.

Sapphire Announces Price Increases

Sapphire will Increase prices for finishing and its Products from October 7th 2014.

Sapphire Introduction Video 2014

Sapphire has released a new video providing insight of our manufacturing facility and the systems we utilise to deliver your product on time.

Open-plan offices: Greater productivity?

At the Work Place/Work Life forum in July 2014, keynote speaker Remi Ayoko from the University of Queensland will challenge contemporary thinking around productivity, territoriality and workplace design.

Sapphire and Epicor ERP

Epicor has released a video showcasing Sapphire's Manufacturing plant and Sapphire's use of Epicor's software


Another Sapphire Anodised Project has won a major design award, this time in North Queensland. Sapphire supplied the anodised composite panel and office partitions for this project.


The 2014 Property Council of Australia/Rider Levett Bucknall awards (PCAA) have been announced with 83 nation-wide finalists narrowed to 16 category winners with Lyons taking out the Woods Bagot Award for Best Public Building.

41X Is Now Open

Victoria’s new home for the Australian Institute of Architects, 41X by Lyons Architecture, is opened by the Governor-General featuring Anodised Matt Envy Panels by Sapphire.

The Distinction Between Architecture and Sculpture

Architecture is not sculpture; it should be more than a visual form. However, contemporary buildings and ultra-modern architectural designs might be blurring the limits between these two art forms

2014 Workplace Design Trends and Resolutions

The start of a new year is always a good time to reflect and prepare for what’s next in our dynamic, ever-changing industry.

41 Ex is nearing completion

Sapphire has completed the anodising for all panels on the home of the Australian Institute of Architects in Matt Envy - AA25

Latrobe Melbourne Building continues Trend

The five-star sustainable design by award winning Lyons architects is flexible, aimed at delivering an educational asset that can be adapted to many different teaching and learning needs.

Does living a sustainable life make us happier?

The data certainly suggests so.
A range of studies have found that people are their least happy – regardless of nationality, gender or demographic – at a global average age of 46. The Economist dubbed it the ‘U-bend of life’.

Inside out: why do so many great buildings have drab interiors?

For me, one of the most exciting features of Superman’s comic strip adventures would occur when he travelled into the Fourth Dimension to visit his parents Lara and Jor-El on their planet Krypton.

Dramatic, Perceptive and Raw: 2014 Design Trends From Europe

Beyond romance and culture, Europe has always been recognised as a global leader when it comes to directing trends for the creative industries, particularly in design and fashion.

Non-Compliant Products Widespread in Australian Construction

According to a new survey, use of products which do not comply with the Building Code of Australia and relevant standards and regulations is widespread within the Australian construction industry.

Sapphire Christmas Close Dates

Sapphire Will be Closed over the Christmas Period for Annual Leave.

RMIT SAB wins The National Architecture Award for Public Architecture

The Swanston Academic Building featuring 11 Floors of SAPPHIRE COLOURED ANODISED FINS and Internal treatment has just won the National Architecture AWARD 2013 for Public Architecture.

AIA - 41 Exhibition St, Melbourne

Sapphire's Sublime Anodised sheet is finally making an appearance on the new home for the Australian Institute of Architects

Latrobe University Nears Completion

Sapphire supplies four striking anodised finishes for the Latrobe University Facade !

BHP Billiton fitout achieves first 6 Star Green Star Interiors rating in Western Australia

Sapphire Frontline Partition Systems help BHP Biliton achieve a 6 Green Star Interiors Rating. Sapphire supplied through fitout contractor Cubic Interiors around 30 floors of partitions in Powdercoat Black in Frontline Suites and Aluminium Doors.

Blame Game Begins for London’s Sizzling Skyscraper

Architect Rafael Viñoly has defended the concave shape of his London skyscraper, which has been accused of melting cars and scorching pedestrians.

Sapphire Anodised Finishes feature in Winner of Australian Construction Award Achievement

The Royal Children’s Hospital by Lend Lease and the RMIT Swanston Academic building by Brookfield Multiplex have been named joint winners out of seven finalists in the 2013 Australian Construction Achievement Awards.

Sapphire commences anodising on Latrobe University

Sapphire has commenced anodising the feature facade panels for Latrobe University

Sapphire Commences Anodising on the Italian Sports Club - Werribee

Sapphire has commneced anodising on the Iatalian Sports Club in Werribbe Victoria in 8 stunning Anodised Colours

Australian Institute of Architects New HQ to feature Sapphire Finishes

Sapphire are pleased and proud to annouce that its anodised finishes will be featuring on the AIA's new Head office.

Lyons' centrepiece for RMIT Melbourne opens: Swanston Academic Building [video]

One of Melbourne’s most prominent new architectural features, the colourful Swanston Academic Building (SAB), has opened.


With Anzac Day falling on Thursday 25th April this year, Sapphire will be closed for trading on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th April 2013. We will reopen again as normal on Monday 29th April 2013.

JCU - Education Central Inteprets Modern Teaching

Wilson Architects have collaborated with Architects North to expand their interpretation of modern teaching in the creation of the new JCU - Specialist Teaching & Student Services Precinct now known as Education Central - JCU.

CSR to close western Sydney factories

Building materials company CSR is closing two of its glass factories in Western Sydney, with the loss of 150 jobs.

Aerial Apartments Set New Standards

Sapphire has completed another prestigious Project in Melbourne !

Buildings Get a Facelift: Architectural Facade Trends

A person’s first impressions of a building come from its architectural façade, which stands as a crucial design and construction element and sets the tone for the building.

Swanston Academic Building (SAB)

RMIT’s new College of Business by Lyons Architecture raises questions larger than architecture around institution and social order, collective and individual identity.

Fire Training

Sapphire Staff undergo fire training to help improve safety

Anodising Now A Standard On New Ipad Mini

The lustrous patina that protects the backside of Apple’s new iPad Mini isn’t just some cheap shellac or sealant coat — it’s actually “grown” on the metal itself in an electrochemical process known as anodisation. Here’s how.

How Did 1,862 Construction Firms Fail?

New South Wales Finance Minister Greg Pearce said he wants to know why ‘hundreds of companies’ in the sector have collapsed over the past three years, leaving up to 24,0000 unsecured creditors out of pocket.

RMIT's latest is a building to navigate as well as to inhabit

The Sapphire Anodised facade is animated by thousands of anodised aluminium panels attached at numerous angles. Coloured from grey to blue, the facade picks up on the colours of the city, from the intense grey buildings to the blue sky.

How Can We Stop Dodgy Builders?

From India to Brazil to Egypt and in many other parts of the developing world, problems associated with ‘cowboy’ builders and dodgy and often illegal construction are well-documented.


Along with the Facade of the RMIT SAB building, Sapphire also was involved with the interiors of the building and anodised the internal/external aluminium components that make up the skin of the portals.


How important is it—if at all—for architects to consider the ultimate decay of the buildings they design?
Sapphire has the answer with long lasting anodised finishes on a recyclable product - aluminium

New RMIT icon completed in Melbourne, by BM and Lyons Architects

Sapphire Anodised the Facade and areas of the interior of the new RMIT SAB building in the stunning colours of the new Melbourne Landmark.

BVN Sets New Trend With Sapphire Partitions

Sapphire worked closely with the team at BVN to develop a solution that would meet the new guidleines of the BCA code whilst maintaining slim look and feel to the office fronts. Our Microline glazing system was the answer !

Knox Indoor Sports Stadium features Sapphire Anodising

Sapphire has recently completed anodising of the Knox Indoor Sports Stadium, which will be the new state home for Basketball in Victoria.

Linear Apartments Set New Style With Anodised Colours

Linear Apartments in Chappel Street, St Kilda Victoria have been brought to life with the use of Sapphire Colours by Ascui Edwards Architecture

500 Jobs to Go With Smelter Closure

Up to 500 workers are to lose their jobs with the closure of an aluminium smelter at Kurri Kurri in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

Exterior Architecture – Creating Eye Catching Buildings

The psychology behind the interior design of a space is rigorously gaining momentum as a key consideration due to the high level of influencing power that understanding it can hold.

China firm challenges anti-dumping ruling

One of the Chinese aluminium manufacturers fighting a dumping finding against it has challenged Australian government and customs conclusions about what defines a "public body".

Australian Red Cross Building Work Of Art with Sapphire Partitions and Anodised Colour !

Sapphire's Wideline Medium Frame in Matt Abyss AA25 Anodising was used to help create a work of Art by BVN for the Australian Red Cross

Sapphire to Implement New ERP from Epicor !

Sapphire is currently going through the design and implementation of Epicor Software as the solution to manage our business into the future.

Sapphire To Anodise RMIT SAB Building !

Sapphire is pleased to announce that we will commence anodising this month all the facade panels for the exciting new RMIT SAB Building designed by Lyons Architects and being constructed by Brookfield Multiplex.

Sapphire Goes Green with New Delivery Truck !

Sapphire has replaced its Delivery Truck with a new Euro 5 Diesel Hino Truck ensuring that we help keep the environment clean.

Sapphire Anodising features on Melbourne Historic Landmark !

Sapphire was contacted by NH Architecture to assist in developing a new concept for the Myer Mural featuring custom designed embossed panels to create a multi-colour wall of different textures and finishes.

Welcome to Our New Website !

Welcome to our new Website with new features and more information on Sapphire's capabilities.
Application form for online registration to Members Area for Cad files and Catalogue for Architects and Designers

Victorian Office to Move to New Address

Sapphire's Victorian office will be moving to a new five star energy rated building from 28th January 2011 !

Workspace Design: Will Aesthetics Give Your Business the Edge?

"In 90% of the research, the outcome of working in an open-plan office was seen as negative, with open-plan offices causing high levels of stress, conflict, high blood pressure and a high staff turnover," reports researcher Vinesh Oommen.

Ballarat Hospital Redevelopment

Sapphire has recently completed supply of Anodised Aluminium for Stage 1 of the Ballarat Hospital Redevelopment Project designed by Billiard Leece Partnership Pty Ltd.

Ipswich workers face sack days before Xmas

"Australia must re-examine why we allow cheap overseas imports to destroy jobs."

Australia - dumping and CVD measures on aluminium extrusions not enough

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has completed its investigation into the alleged dumping and subsidisation of certain aluminium extrusions from China.

US Commerce Preliminarily Finds Unfair Dumping

On October 28, 2010, the Department of Commerce (Commerce) announced its affirmative preliminary determination in the antidumping (AD) duty investigation of imports of aluminum extrusions from the People's Republic of China (China).

U.S. - China Subsidized Aluminum

The U.S. Commerce Department is expected Tuesday to find that $550 million in imported Chinese aluminum was illegally subsidized by the Chinese government

The Results Are Conclusive

A new Australian study shows that Anodising uses less energy and produces lower greenhouse gas emissions than Polyester Powdercoating.

Go Between Bridge Opens

The Go Between Bridge in Brisbane has opened for traffic with feature panels anodised in three colours.

Audi Lighthouse Wins Award

Audi Lighthouse Sydney has won the ‘Architecture Award’ for Commercial Architecture at the NSW Architecture Awards 2010. Commendation also awarded for Interior Architecture.

Burwood Highway Bridge Opens

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