Spectral Colours Info

48 Years of Aluminium Excellence

Sapphire has developed a new way to colour anodised aluminium that delivers grey shades for external applications that has excellent resistant to UV fading whilst maintaining the unique metallic lustre that you can only achieve with anodising. This is possible with the introduction of computer assisted control of the anodising process.

Spectral Process

Step 1
Normal pretreatment and anodising processes are performed in which a hard porous translucent coating of aluminium oxide is grown onto the existing aluminium surface.

Step 2
The Spectral process is commenced once normal anodising has ceased. The Spectral process manipulates the base layer of the coating much in the same way a prism segments a beam of light to alter the refraction angle of the coating. This process will determine the colour of the coating.

Step 3
The modified coating is then coloured by way of Spectral Computer Controlled Colouring System that electroplates colour into the millions of tiny pores present in the anodised coating to the desired shade.

Tin is an element and is therefore very resistant to UV exposure and ideally suited to exterior use. Tin based colouring systems have been used in the anodising process for in excess of thirty years to create bronze - black coloured tones. Many of these original projects are still in service today.

Step 4
The coating after completion of colouring is then sealed in to close the tiny pores sealing the coating and locking in the colour ready to stand the test of time.


Spectral coatings are applied in accordance with Australian Anodising Standard AS1231-2000. The coatings have been tested for abrasion resistance in accordance with BS EN 12373-9 - 1999. In simplistic terms the coating is as hard as chromium steel and because it is anodising, the finish will not crack, peel or blister
and does not exhibit orange peel associated so often with painted finishes.

Life Expectancy

Spectral Anodised coatings can be expected to last in excess of fifty years, if properly specified and maintained with a documented maintenance program.


Warranties are available upon application of up to 15 years for the application and integrity of the coating. Conditions Apply