Why Choose Sapphire Aluminium?
  • Quality

    Delivering quality coatings around the world for decades.

  • Range

    We set design trends in Partition Systems.

  • Flexibility

    Our products bring flexibility and quality to your projects.

Sapphire Aluminium Company Profile
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  • Sapphire News


    Please be advised our telephone system is now working again after issues arising from Telstrra 20.10.17

  • General News

    Governments have burnt up trust on cladding

    When the media sniffs a scandal, the government calls an inquiry. Experts give evidence, the media gets bored and a report eventually is tabled and left to gather dust. Problem solved and business goes on as normal. 05.10.17

  • General News

    State Regulators: Reckless and Dangerous

    “Reckless and dangerous” describes how our biggest state governments are dealing with the current issues facing the building industry and what their questionable policies are now delivering or – more accurately – not delivering. 26.09.17