Why Choose Sapphire Aluminium?
  • Quality

    Delivering quality coatings around the world for decades.

  • Range

    Our massive anodised aluminium range is second-to-none.

  • Flexibility

    Our products bring flexibility and quality to your projects.

Sapphire Aluminium Company Profile
VIDEO PRESENTATION Sapphire‘s Capabilities

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Sapphire Aluminium: Anodised Aluminium, Aluminium Partitions

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    Senate Action on Dodgy Building Products Back On

    An inquiry into building products which do not conform to local standards is back on with a new and expanded terms of reference as a string of asbestos cases has forced the issue back onto the public agenda. 10.11.16

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    How Should Evidence of Suitability Rules be Changed?

    With the adoption of private certification and the evolution of increasingly complex and multinational building product supply chains, the way in which building materials in Australia are selected, used and approved has changed over recent decades. 29.09.16

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    What’s the Biggest Risk in Construction Today?

    No matter who you talk to in the construction value chain, there will be a different view of construction risk and who should bear it. 09.09.16