Advantages of Anodised Aluminium

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Anodising in general is less expensive than painted coatings with the exception of coil painted products. When the lifespan of the coating is taken into account it proves to be a far cheaper option over the long term.


Anodising is harder than PVDF. Anodising is better for aluminium in high traffic areas where the coating is subject to physical abuse and abrasive cleaners.

Film Integrity

Anodising cannot peel, chip, flake or blister. The coating is actually part of the metal.

True Metallic Appearance

Anodising gives aluminium a deeper, richer metallic appearance than is possible with organic coatings. This is because an anodised coating is translucent, and one can see the base metal underneath the coating.

Enhanced Resistance to UV

Anodising displays excellent long term resistance to sunlight. (Please Note - UV resistance or colour change will vary from colour to colour due to pigments and colouring methods)


Anodising can be renewed by cleaning and is cheaper to maintain over the lifetime of a building. Anodising can often be restored when it looks like it has failed, many projects after twenty years of neglect have been brought back to as new condition through cleaning. A good example of this is Jardine House in Hong Kong. Importance should always be placed on instituting a complete preventative maintenance system for the external of the building that goes beyond just cleaning the glass. Sapphire is happy to assist with this process upon request.

Anti - Graffiti

Paint Graffiti is easily removed from anodised finishes by simply washing the anodising surface with cotton cloth soaked with any common solvent as anodising is resistant and will not breakdown with solvent based products.


Anodising is compatible with today's environmental concerns. The chemicals from anodising can be used by local waste water authorities treatment facilities. The aluminium sulfate from anodising plants' effluent actually improves the solids settling efficiency of some waste water treatment plants. Anodising emits no ozone reducing solvents (VOCs), and there are no heavy metals involved in the process.