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SAPPHIRE ALUMINIUM (“Sapphire”) agrees to grant you membership to our website which gives you access to CAD drawings, specifications and other information concerning our products (“Sapphire Material”) in consideration of your acknowledgment and agreement as follows:

1. You are only permitted to use the Sapphire Material for the purpose of your design and specification of a construction project (“Approved Use”).
2. The Sapphire Material is confidential information and you undertake to maintain the same in confidence and to use it only for the Approved Use and for no other purpose.
3. Sapphire Aluminium owns all of the intellectual property rights in the Sapphire Material including but not limited to the copyright. Your possession or the Approved Use of the Sapphire Material does not transfer to you any interest in the intellectual property of the Sapphire Material. You must not copy, reproduce or adapt any part of the Sapphire Material except as may be reasonably necessary for the Approved Use and you must not publish or disclose any of the Sapphire Material to third parties other than expressly permitted by this agreement without the prior written consent of Sapphire Aluminium.
4. You must include our Part Numbers when including our products in any specification with a reference that it is a Sapphire product.
5. You must not give any warranty concerning Sapphire Products without the prior written approval of Sapphire Aluminium.
6 Any misuse of Sapphire’s material contrary to this agreement may give rise to proceedings being brought against you and may result in suspension or cancellation of membership without notice and upon request by Sapphire, all Sapphire Material is to be returned to Sapphire’s head office.

DISCLAIMER While every effort has been made to ensure the technical details contained within our technical information are accurate, Sapphire Aluminium can take no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever arising as a result of any errors contained in our technical information.

Also, interpretation of standards or codes within our technical information is Sapphire Aluminium interpretation of such codes. Responsibility for code compliance remains with the user our technical information. In some cases product dimensions may vary or be changed without notice. The user of our technical information should not act or rely upon any information contained in our technical information without first obtaining appropriate professional advice relating to their particular uses.

Sapphire Aluminium disclaims all liability for loss or damage suffered by any party who acts or fails to act in reliance of our technical information.

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