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Ernst & Young

Project: Ernst & Young
Location: Sydney, Australia
Architect: Geyer
Finishes: Matt Natural & Matt Charcoal- AA25
Product: Sapphire Frontline and Aluminium Doors
Completed: 2005

Geyer created a national accommodation solution that totally integrates the firm at a national level with reference to its global parentage. The solution maximised the performance of Ernst & Young’s people by providing them with a 'Best Practice' facility that positions the organisation as the leader in their industry. Time and resource gains were realised from integrating the workplace construction with that of the base building. Operating synergies and economies were also obtained by creating an accommodation plan that is efficient and effective during the lease period. Brand and culture (a ‘people first’ approach) were seamlessly integrated within the physical environment to enhance performance and satisfaction of employees, and thereby as a matter of course, clients.