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Lattitude Tower Fire Stairs

Project: Lattitude Tower Fire Stairs
Location: Sydney, Australia
Finishes: Matt Pumpkin - AA25
Product: Sapphire Scape Panel
Completed: 2009

Sapphire worked in conjunction with the fitout contractor for the base building Cubic Interiors to provide a durable lumanescent finish for the cladding on the fire stairs on the tower.

The fire stairs are visible through a glass facade up the building so the architects wanted them to be a architectural feature of the building as well as a practical means of escape.

Sapphire out forward our pumkin anodised finish which is a deep metallic orange as the solution for the colour required. This was then incorporated in Sapphire's Scape panel which is composite panel manufactured in Australia using bakerlight as the infil which is extremely effective against fire. The panels were then used to lin the custome fabricated hand rails lining the stairs.