Aurora Feature Light – Crown Perth Casino

Location:Perth , Australia
Architect:Planet Lighting
Finishes:Anodised in Polished Bright Beach
Product:Aluminium Extrusion and fittings

Measuring a whopping 9m long and 2m wide, the ornate oval-shaped, three dimensional light display is known as The Aurora. It’s named after the rare and stunning natural light shows created in the Earth’s atmosphere, usually only seen in the northern and southern poles at certain times of the year.

Crown’s Aurora reveals its amazing colours every half hour and aims to mimic this astounding natural phenomenon. The illusion is created using 360 LED lights, which flick through the colour spectrum, plus 120 colour-changing LED light boxes and 120 mirror panels, which move to enhance the effect. Taking it a step further, 30 colour-changing LEDs rim The Aurora, along with four light projectors, splashing images on the walls.

Sapphire was approached by Palnet Lightning to do the anodising required for the structure holding all the lights and forming the airship shape. All the components were anodised in Polished Bright Beach to create the stunning centre piece of the casino.

The Aurora is one of many upgrades Crown has made to the vast complex, as part of its long-term, $300 million refurbishment.