Kingaroy Hospital

Location:Kingaroy, Queensland
Architect:Conrad Gargett
Finishes:Matt Chilli AA25 - M6675, Matt Bloodmoon AA25 - M6646, Matt Kelp AA25 - M6687
Product:Aluminium fins
Completed:Augisut 2021

The Kingaroy Hospital Redevelopment is a new, 66-bed stand-alone clinical services building located on the site of the existing hospital on the northern edge of Kingaroy township. The redevelopment project delivers expanded clinical services including a new emergency department, acute inpatient unit (incorporating rehabilitation and mental health), operating suites, maternity unit, dialysis and chemotherapy services, outpatient consulting spaces and clinical support spaces.

Recognising the diverse experiences that occur within a hospital setting, the glass façade opens to distant views establishing calming visual connections to the park areas on site whilst providing multiple opportunities for visitors and patients to connect to the surrounding landscape at different scales.

sapphire provided its high performance colour anodised coatings for the large aluminium fins that adorn the glass facades.