Knox City State Basketball Centre

Location:Wantirna South, Victoria, Australia
Architect:Mantric Architects
Finishes:Anodised in Matt Ochre - AA25
Product:Folded Perforated 3mm Solid Al Panels and Aluminium Extrusion
Completed:May 2012

Mantric chose Matt Ochre in 25 microns to coat the perforated aluminium panels to create a striking entrance to the Stadium and when lit with daylight or at night by backlighting. The facade features some 192 perforated and bent aluminium panels with different designs arranged across the facade that are back lit at night to create a beacon for fans of the sports played there.

The finish also bears a striking resemblance to the colours of basketballs which will be the prinicipal sport played at the centre.

The six-court indoor State Basketball Centre will serve local, regional and elite level players, while also accommodating netball.

Denis Marinovic of Devco the builder says ” All of the stakeholders including Devco are extermely impressed with the end product.”

Photos by Hilary Bradford