Landmark HK

Location:Central, Hong Kong
Architect:Hong Kong Land
Finishes:Matt Desert Sun and Matt Copper
Product:folded and Acid Etched Aluminium Sheet (1.6mm)
Completed:November 2012

Text: Steven Knipp
Perhaps no one single entity has played a bigger role in the creation and continued development of Central district than Hongkong Land. Hongkong Land has long been a key part of Central district, and Central district has been a key part of Hongkong Land. In 2000, Hongkong Land created the brand “CENTRAL” to promote the district. The CENTRAL concept was widely promoted in a series of advertising campaigns and the company first marketed its portfolio of commercial buildings and retail places. As a result of the campaign, Hongkong Land’s CENTRAL portfolio has become synonymous with international luxury real estate, with first-class arcades and office towers known not only in Hong Kong, but across Asia and around the globe.

Long the home of international business and high finance, CENTRAL has since evolved to represent top-tier luxury shopping, embracing high fashion and the finest international dining in Asia. In fact, Hongkong Land’s luxurious shopping haven that spans the four linked buildings – The Landmark, Alexandra House, Chater House and Prince’s Building – have grown to house as many as 208 first-class retail and dining outlets. In order to solidify the perception of this remarkable retail portfolio in Greater China and around the world, the company has now decided to create a powerful, luxury retail brand.

The result is the birth of a new brand – LANDMARK – officially unveiled in March 2012. The new LANDMARK name is used to unify the above four famed shopping destinations – all conveniently linked by gleaming glass-walled pedestrian bridges – to make one authentically glamorous retail destination.

Y K Pang, Chief Executive of Hongkong Land explains, “We selected the name LANDMARK because this is the signature building in the company’s superlative luxury retail portfolio, and the word itself has strong, authentic associations with luxury. It is very significant that for the first time ever we have used a brand to endorse the high-end retailers within our portfolio in Central.”

Adds Raymond Chow, Executive Director of Hongkong Land, “Each of our four luxury retail locations has long been known as a destination for the finest lifestyle products and services. By bringing them together as a single retail brand under the elegant umbrella of LANDMARK, this signifies a retail experience which stands above all others.”