Myer Mural Hall

Location:Melbourne, Victoria
Architect:NH Architecture
Finishes:Matt Brindisi, Linished Bright Amythest, Linished Satin Chrome
Product:Sapphire Patterned Sheet, Sapphire Embossed Sheet, Sapphire Anopanel
Completed:January 2011

Sapphire was contacted by NH Architecture to assist in developing a new concept for the Myer Mural Hall exterior walls in the new Myer development featuring custom designed embossed panels to create a wall of multicolour different textures, finishes to clad two ugly red brick walls covered in plumbing and services.

NH architecture and Sapphire settled on three colours (Brindisi, Chrome & Amethyst) in three different reflective levels (Matt, Satin & Bright) combined with three different textures (Embossed, perforated and plain). These different elements were then arranged on the walls to create the finished walls you see today. Careful consideration was given to the design and manufacture of the embossed panels to create a three-dimensional product that leaps out at you yet blends into the total concept.

Sandringham Constructions then came on board to construct the Outer Mural Wall into what has become a stunning piece of art in its own right. Sandringham Constructions have worked with Sapphire in the past on the BHP Foyer, their Melbourne headquarters.


Myer Melbourne Mural Hall

For 71 years hundreds upon thousands of Australian shoppers and international tourists have marvelled at the murals located in the Myer Mural Hall of our Melbourne store, but few know the story behind the murals.

The murals’ creator artist Napier Waller was born in country Victoria and lived in Melbourne for most of his life.

Following the loss of his arm while serving in the First World War, Waller spent time in England having to learn how to remaster the arts of sketching and painting, using his left arm.

As a testament to the artist’s strength and determination he was able to re-learn his craft and he returned to Melbourne having overcome a major obstacle.

His ability to create beautiful public works that concentrated on medieval subjects and classical themes led to the artist being commissioned to create art which could be enjoyed by the general public.

Sidney Myer, the founder of the then Myer Emporium commissioned the artist to create the murals, which act as a tribute to women and their achievements throughout history.

The huge Myer murals took approximately one year to complete and were painted at Waller’s studio at Fairy Hills in Ivanhoe and then transported to the Mural Hall in Melbourne.

The ten murals which line the 150 foot long, 60 foot wide, and 24 foot high hall are a celebration of influential figures in the areas of art, history, opera, literature, dance and fashion.

Sidney Myer did not live to see the works as they were completed only a few months after his death in 1935.

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