40 Million Mornings – HOTA Bridge landing

Location:Chevron Island, Gold Coast, Queensland
Architect:Warren Langley – Artist & Jess Austin - Architect
Finishes:Matt Pistachio - M6683 AA25
Product:Custom Solid 4mm Aluminium Panels
Completed:January 2020

Sapphire worked with Aclad who were resposible for the technical design, manufacture and installation of the custom fabricated panels. Anodising not only provides a durable long term protective coating for the aluminium panels but also was selected for its ability to interplay with the lighting used at night to light up the landing area.

“40 Million Mornings”, a sinuous aluminum panel cladding, that wraps around main structural walls, entirely encasing the landing. The artwork by Warren Langley and Jess Austin is to represent sunlight reflecting off the rippling in the Nerang River surface that has occurred since the formation of the Nerang River and its associated Gold Coast geography, an estimated period of 11,000 years or 40 million mornings.

“As a sculptor I am always looking for exciting new surface treatments. To take a time honoured process like anodising with its exciting contemporary colour palette and apply it to a project of this scale and complexity was a challenge. Sapphire worked with us at all stages to deliver on this challenge.”