Australian War Memorial – The Conflicts 1945 to Today galleries

Location:Canberra, Australia
Architect:Cunningham & Martyn
Finishes:Anodised in Matt Allora, Matt Kalamata, Matt Pistachio, Matt Tabasco - AA25
Product:Aluminium Sheet
Completed:February 2008
  • Area / 1200m²
  • Awarded / Premier’s Design Award 2008 in Cultural Exhibition Design
  • Reviewed / Artichoke magazine issue 23

The Conflicts 1945 to Today galleries in the Australian War Memorial commemorate Australia’s post WW2 wars and peace-keeping operations. The galleries cover Korea, Malaya and Indonesia, Vietnam, Afghanistan and the two Gulf Wars. The interpretive approach is to present personal stories through both traditional and contemporary media, allowing the visitor to engage at different levels with the hardship and horrors experienced by Australian personnel. Whilst the context might have changed, the individual experiences of Australians in any of the conflicts are as relevant today as they were at the time.