Location:Sydney, Australia
Finishes:Matt Volos - AA25
Product:Sapphire Frontline Suite and Aluminium Doors

Sapphire is proud to have helped Google acheive a six star energy rating throug the use of Anodising, the green alternative finish and its quality recyclable aluminium partition suites.

The workplace is a ‘googley’ space with many alternative work settings and opportunities for the googlers to undertake tasks in a variety of different ways. Design Themes include ‘Downunder’, ‘Treehouse’, ‘Rainforest’ and ‘Bladerunner’. Aesthetically, the design has moved away from the expected high tech Google office environment and towards a more sustainable workplace. Located in a 6 star Greenstar building in Pyrmont, Google’s new Australian headquarters is aligned with their unique culture whilst at the same time being distinctly Australian and highly sustainable.

In BRW’s May 2009 issue Google has been acknowledged as Australia’s best company to work for in the inaugural BRW Great Places to Work survey. Google recently relocated to their new home in Workplace 6 in Pyrmont, NSW’s first 6 Green Star Certified Building. In the design of Google’s new workplace Futurespace collaborated with Ferguson Design Studio to deliver an environment that is a key part of Google’s strategy to attract and retain the very best and brightest people. The project required a ‘think out side the square’ solution that is innovative and creative and the solution provides a rich variety of differently themed spaces to support different ways people want to meet and work. One of the most valuable assets a business has is it’s people (or in Google’s case in it’s Googlers as they are known). Google invest a great deal of effort in building a culture that people want to be part of with great spaces to be in and fantastic food and benefits. The last 100 positions filled at Google in Sydney over the past 12 months attracted 19,475 applicants.

Source : Futurespace