Ivanhoe Grammar School

Location:Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia
Architect:Baldasso Cortese
Finishes:Matt Sublime, Matt Envy, Matt Spinach - AA25
Product:Custom Sun Control Louvre
Completed:March 2014

Throughout 2013, this building went through an extensive redevelopment which resulted in a light-filled, dynamic space for the Creative Arts. It has a modern and light studio atmosphere and provides a gallery space for the display of student work and flexible teaching spaces.

Completed in 2014, the newly built Locksley art & music facility in the Ivanhoe Grammar School has a striking and functional foyer using 600mm wide anodised vertical fins with 3 Sapphire Colours over 5m high to protect the foyer from solar overheating and direct sun light.  As the foyer is largely unoccupied, a requirement for a fully automatic sun tracking system was designed with light, temperature, wind and rain sensors installed on the roof. This project is believed to be the first of its kind using an automatic sun tracking system in Victoria.