The Great Hall of the University of Sydney

Location:Camperdown, Sydney, Australia
Architect:Barry Webb / Steensen Varming
Finishes:Anodised Matt Volos
Product:Custom Aluminium Lighting
Completed:April 2017

With the new lighting installation, the existing heritage luminaires were upgraded and new lighting bars along the sides of the building with theatrical style luminaires were installed to highlight architectural features of the interior.

3S Lighting manufactured ‘house’ pendant luminaires and suspension accessories in single and twin configuration. These pendants are around 200mm OD and around 1.5 metres in length housing the lighting electronics.

Suspended high up, under the timber truss roof, with aim to blend in with the background but provide functional light for the interior, as well as to up-light and to show the roof structure details, which have not been illuminated in the past.

About the Great Hall

The Great Hall was officially opened to the public on the 18 July 1859. A grand festival of music was held over a week to commemorate the opening of the buildings on Grose Farm.

Over the past 150 years the Great Hall has been used for a wide variety of events including, conferring of degrees, musical and dramatic productions, banquets, public lectures, book launches, balls, exams, commemoration, memorial services, antique fair, Chancellor’s Committee annual book sale and so much more.

Photos courtesy of Ales Vesenda