The Shrine Of Remembrance, Melbourne

Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Architect:ARM Architecture
Finishes:Matt Kalamata - AA25
Product:Custom Perforated 3mm Solid Al Sheet
Completed:February 2015

Sapphire worked with ARM to ensure that the coating used on the perforated panels was capable of a long service life required for a monumental structure and they chose Sapphire’s Matt Kalamata in 25 microns to be used.

The courtyard of the Education Centre is lined around its exterior with custom perforated 3mm panels that are perforated with Morse Code reciting Binyon’s Ode of Remembrance spread across a world map. Students are encouraged upon entering the courtyard to place a red paper poppy into the perforated slots of the wall as a mark of respect and to help bring them into the experience that the shrine will provide.

The Kalamata Anodised coating creates a striking background for red of the flowers and the painted central poppy to stand out as the Shrine invites you in.


  • The Victorian Architecture Medal (the highest honour awarded by the Victorian Chapter)
  • Heritage Architecture, John George Knight Award
  • Urban Design Architectural Award
  • Public Architecture Alterations and Additions, William Wardell Award
  • The Melbourne Prize
  • Commendation for Sustainable Architecture