JCU – Education Central

Location:Townsville , Queensland, Australia
Architect:WIlson Architects with Architects North
Finishes:Matt Sublime, Matt Selivatica & Matt Nebbio - AA25
Product:Shopfront and Symonite Composite Panel - 4mm
Completed:February 2013

The new Student Services Centre promises a new and exciting interface between students and staff. The project envisages a student-led/staff-assisted model of service where staff are physically and technologically mobile within the space and a choice of environments for student-staff interaction is provided. The project will provide facilities for student services and the existing school of education. The building is to become the designated first stop along the main access spine of the university and provide shaded links to the existing student mall and library. The project will introduce a new generation of AV collaborative teaching spaces to the university campus.

Wilson Architects with Architects North chose Sapphire Anodised Finishes to make a bold and fresh statement about learning that builds on other projects completed by Wilson Architects previously using Sapphire including UQ Michie, Brain Institute and UNSW – Lowy Centre.

2014 North Queensland Regional Architecture Awards –

Shaun Purcell of Wilson Architects says

“Sapphire Aluminium provides a colour range for exterior and interior architectural applications that is difficult to surpass. Assistance during design phases with anodised samples of actual products to be installed on projects and timely advice has always been appreciated. The Sapphire Frontline glazed partition suite selected for this project provides a clean aesthetic and high-quality solution for the extensively glazed office suites and meeting rooms.”


2014 CEFPI International Winner – Project of Distinction

2014 CEFPI Winner Category 2 – New Construction Major Facility

2014 AIA Queensland Award for Public Architecture

2014 AIA North Queensland Awards – Walter & Oliver Tunbridge Award for Building of the Year